Team Kramer has gone a long way and you probably have laughed a lot of times with us watching the children being their innocent selves in videos and pictures. As much as you have inspired our family to share a chunk of our daily lives, we are inspired ourselves to share our dreams, way of life, and our Christian values. We hope that we can happily share what works for us in terms of our experiences. We are a simple family that appreciates old family values, old fashioned tradition, hand me down knowledge from our parents and generations before us. As parents, we aim to dedicate our time and effort raising our children by being with them towards the milestones of their lives. Quality and quantity is our main priority to give them 100% attention that they need. We pray that we will always remain a Christ-centered family and that it may carry on with our kids as they grow up. As husband and wife, we realized that we are two separate individuals but with a common goal and aspiration to work together to keep the foundation of our family in the way that pleases our Lord. We are driven by a sense of responsibility to be a good example to our followers and inspire people to value strong family ties and keep the marriage together no matter what life throws our way. We have learned along the way that when you are obedient to God, you will be sensitive to God's will and purpose for your life. Remember, if you put God first, everything else will follow. We are Team Kramer, blessed to be a blessing! To God be the glory!

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