My favorite activity that I share and make with my kids. These are knowledge that was shared with me by my mother that I am now passing on with my kids. Memories that are made more meaningful because of the personal touch of my mother in my growing up years.

personalized organizer

Get organized! :-) Found a really cool and inexpensive way to get organized. I even got Kendra and Scarlett involved in making our caddy to put their pencils, crayons, rulers and other stuff. Its super easy! :-) All the materials used to make our caddy were all found in the house.
All we needed were just:
  •  Shoe box
  • Cartolina or empty toilet rolls (from tissue paper)
  • Glue
  • Scissors
Any kind of material to wrap your shoebox (In my case I used wrapping paper.)
Use any decorative materials to add some design to your box like, buttons, beads, stickers... Be creative! :-) Happy crafting!:-)

Hand made doll 

I spent the whole afternoon attempting to make my first hand made doll. :-) And because it was a spontaneous afternoon, I was'nt able to buy materials for it. I used whatever available material I found at home instead. I was able to gather some old socks (of Kendra and Scarlett) buttons, beads, and broken hair ties. This is the finish product! :-) I told Kendra and Scarlett, I'll make a better one... Kendra said, I love it just the way it is, Mama!❤ 

personalized greeting card

Don't know what to do with old wedding invites? Upcycle it by turning them into a personalized greeting card. Here is a simple Father's day greeting card that the girls and I made with lots of love.
Here are 3 easy steps that you will surely breeze through:

1.) Use the back part of the insert card to cover the printed card stock. That way you can write and decorate your card the way you want to.

2.) Use the other card inserts as cut-outs for your card. We chose to make a heart shaped pop-up card out of one of the insert cards.

3.)Use the R.S.V.P envelope to put a nice heartfelt letter. In our case, we chose to fill it with post-its describing why papa is the best papa ever. 
Nothing beats a personalized made gift. A little creativity goes a long way and is surely easy on the pocket.
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